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We are able to equip health care centres, hospitals, doctor's offices and senior houses. We do care to facilitate works of health care personnel with our equipment. This equipment must comply with strict standards and does not burden unnecessarily budget of health care facilities.

Czech Republic

  • Hospital Znojmo, contribution-based organization (Nemocnice Znojmo p.o.)
  • University Hospital Brno (Fakultní nemocnice Brno)
  • Hospital Jihlava (Nemocnice Jihlava)

Slovak Republic

  • University Hospital Bratislava (Univerzitná nemocnica Bratislava)
  • University Hospital Trenčín (Fakultná nemocnica Trenčín)
  • University Hospital L. Pasteura Košice (Univerzitná nemocnica L. Pasteura Košice)


Supplies to the Slovak Republic were performed by our partner VITAMED.SK s.r.o.


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