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Warranty service:

We provide standard warranty of 2 years for all products delivered by the Colusor s.r.o. company.

After-warranty service:

We provide after-warranty service after expiration of the warranty period, be specific for the period of provideability of the elements base at producers of products. We keep stock of fundamental spare parts.

  • Service works - after-warranty service rate is CZK 420.00 + VAT per hour
  • Travel expenses – rate per km from Brno is CZK 9.00 + VAT

Periodic safety-technical inspection of products

We perform the safety-technical inspection of products according to a written request at regular intervals with issuance of a protocol, which is included into the price. Condition of a product will be checked during the inspection. Missing parts will be completed and stability and solidity of construction will be checked. Completed with actual self-adhesive labels. We recommend placing orders in adequate time advance so as we could plan inspections efficiently and thereby reduce costs of transport with distribution to more customers.

  • In case of inspection of 5 and more units we grant discount of 10% from the total amount for the usual technical inspection
  • Prices include issuance of a protocol
Safety-technical inspection of products with fixed height: CZK 550.00 + VAT
Safety-technical inspection of products with adjustable height: CZK 1100.00 + VAT

We hold certificates of quality. You can view them here.


Ivo Prokop
 +420 777 749 006
 servis (a) colusor tecka cz


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IČ: 282 71 025, DIČ: CZ 282 71 025

Maintained at the Regional Court
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Commerce+420 777 949 142
 obchod (a) colusor tecka cz

 +420 777 749 006
 servis (a) colusor tecka cz